Let Me Love You

Let Me Love You

I feel your pain, it touches my heart,

I feel the depth of your need, it touches my soul

And I respond with love.

Love is the only gift I have to offer – All else follows Love.

Love is God in action through me, touching you,

I am a vessel – open – willing – grateful to be of service.

I touch you with gentleness

Knowing you are spirit around the flesh,

You are God on my table

And I am privileged to serve.

I journey into your universe

Into all that you are, ever have been,

And ever will be.

We meet as one for a brief encounter,

To exchange our essence with one another,

To breathe within your world, your scope of being.

I love you – I am you,

You are me – Oneness is all there is.

Let me Love you!


This sacred healer commitment, channeled by Dottie Graham, was written off the energy of the room during Janet Mentgen’s last Level 3 class taught in the Hampton Roads Area, February 21-22, 2003.