GISA Healing Sanctuaries

GISA Healing Sanctuaries

We invite you to an extraordinary evening of Unconditional Love and Healing
as we
Step Forward Into Our Divine Potential

Since October 1994, the GISA Healing Sanctuaries have been providing a safe and loving space in which trained healers, using hands on healing techniques, assist individuals, regardless of race, age or creed, to open themselves to their Divine Healer within for healing at all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Hands on healing is a way of caring, and a sacred ancient healing art. The goal in hands on healing is to restore harmony and balance to the human energy system to asssist an individual to self heal.  This healing is done through unconditional love from the heart, thus a spiritual process is established.

The GISA Healing Sanctuaries do not recommend nor require a specific religious orientation or organized religious system.  GISA healers operate from a variety of religious and spiritual beliefs.  The ability to heal is inherent in anyone who desires to assist another, with a sincere intent to help and heal for the highest and best good of the individual healee. Our healers are health care professionals and/or lay individuals interested in serving God in a selfless healing capacity.  They come from varied backgrounds: doctors, nurses, a theologian, ministers, teachers, real estate agents, scientists, engineers, a flight attendant, homemakers, a dental assistant, holistic therapists, college students, etc. They are male and female and young and old of varied races. Each member of the healing staff humbly offers their years of healing experience, training, time, compassion and unconditional love free of charge, to assist others in their healing process.

The quality and impact of the healing is influenced by the energetic relationship between the giver and receiver.  Hence, GISA addresses the holistic development of each staff member.  Self growth and self care are important in the evolution of a healer’s ability to enable healing.

The opportunity to serve as a GISA Healing Sanctuary Staff member is by invitation only. Each new GISA healer is required to attend a minimum of thirty hours (30 hours) of classroom experience in hands on healing methodology:  Healing Touch Level 1 (16-18 Hrs.) and GISA Healing Sanctuary Training (16 Hrs). Healing Touch instruction includes the history, philosophy, theory and process of heart centered healing arts. Healing Sanctuary, a holistic healing modality, incorporates the act and art of healing through unconditional love and intuitive hands on healing. Continuing education is encouraged and offered by GISA and the Virginia Center for Healing Touch.  GISA healers are continually kept abreast of, and trained in, the cutting edge advancements in the growing field of Energy Medicine. All GISA Healers are Healing Touch Providers.  Healing Touch is a worldwide holistic, hands on healing program being moved forward by nurses and other health care professionals and open to all. For more information on the Healing Touch Program please visit our web site at

The GISA Healing Sanctuaries are open to the public without charge.  Love Offerings are welcomed and greatly appreciated to assist with sanctuary expenses, such as church rental, supplies and the training of its healers, but not required for attendance. Financial support for the sanctuaries comes solely from your Love Offerings.

Currently, there are two GISA Healing Sanctuaries. The original sanctuary in Hampton Roads, established in 1994, and the Richmond Sanctuary, established in March 2000, are in continuous service. Between the two sanctuaries, GISA has a working staff of forty five (45) trained, experienced and dedicated healers. 

For further information please contact:  Dr. Dottie Graham, Founder & CEO, GISA & Virginia Center for Healing Touch (VCHT) and Pastor, GISA Healing Sanctuaries of Hampton Roads & Richmond @ (757)-890-2940 or email to


My Commitment:

Changing Lives Through Education, Self Awareness & Love.

- Dottie Graham (’93)