About Dottie Graham

Dr. Dottie Graham
D.R., R.N., HTCP/I, QM

Dottie is the Founder and CEO of The Graham Institute of Self Awareness (GISA) and the Virginia Center for Healing Touch (VCHT), and is its primary teacher and clinician. A licensed health care professional for over 50 years, she received her doctorate in RoHun from the RoHun Institute, Delphi University, Georgia, in 1994. She is an Advanced Regression Therapist, a Hypnotherapist, and a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner, Instructor and Qualified Mentor. As a graduate of the Arthur Ford International Academy of Mediumship and The Patricia Hayes School of Inner Sense Development, she is a certified Metaphysician. Dottie is an ordained minister of the Church of Wisdom, and the pastor of two healing sanctuaries: the GISA Healing Sanctuary of Hampton Roads and the GISA Healing Sanctuary of Richmond. She is an International Field Instructor for the RoHun Institute, Delphi University, GA.

Currently Dr. Dottie Graham is writing the Young Adult Series, Outpost Gypsy Tree. Her first two books of the series, Outpost Gypsy Tree – The North Portal and Outpost Gypsy Tree – The South Portal are available for purchase at Amazon.com or can be ordered through Barnes & Noble. Book 3 – The East Portal will be released in fall 2019.